Hamiran baby food:

When it comes to babies, mothers try to avoid buying ready baby porridge packswith the idea of making a homemade food, always results in fresh bestquality, while this is completely wrong.
In addition to the fact that cereals in ready-made porridges are all pasteurized and steamed for easy digestion, they are rich in variety of vitamins, minerals and omega-3. With the help of domestic and foreign specialists, all formulas of Hamiran foods designed based on the needs of any ages to provide all daily vitamins and minerals essential for baby’s growth.
Children of ages between 6-months to 6-year-old are very sensitive because all babies' brain and neurological systems are completed in this period and the child is ready for learning and growth. Any poverty and malnutrition of this age can have harmful effects on growth and prosperity of children in the coming years.
Hamiran supplement is rich in vitamins and iron, very useful for growing babies.Feeding a baby 4 months up with ordinary foods contain all mineral is not possible; but if you addonlytwo tablespoons of ready porridge to one of their daily meal or milk, you have supplied your baby's iron and vitamin needed daily.

How to use Hamiran porridge supplementary:

Solid food

You can add supplementary Hamiran powder to rice, soup and any food you prepare for your sweet love. This makes the baby's food consistent, dense, smoothness and sweet taste, and you can be sure the food is rich in supplements required for their growth and weight.


Add a few tablespoons of Hamiran's porridge puree in a bowl and add a little warm water or fresh juice and stir the mixture to homogeneous. Hamiran porridgeserves as a rich meal for the needs of protein, mineral and baby vitamins, from 6 months old.

Semi-solid food

Hamiran's porridge powder can be mixed with fresh fruit puree, such as bananas, apples, strawberries or seasonal fruits, taste delicious for babies, this mixture is perfectly suitable and yummy for children and infants who are just beginning to eat.


Add one or two spoons to lukewarm water or baby bottle or breast milk to improve the taste or milk density.
Breast milk or baby formula alone is not enough to keep the baby fedafter 4 months old.So be sure to use this method.

Hemiran Co. always emphasizes onusing natural ingredients. This company also oppose the use of any additives increases shelf life or changes food color and taste artificially. Researchers and engineers at Hamiran Co. make products with natural ingredients instead of chemical additives by latest European technologies and faculty Feed confirmation. With Hamiran products, be sure about quality and health of food you consume.

Types of Hamiran porridges:

Hamiran porridges are made from steamed grains with all kinds of flavors, vitamins and minerals, adding to them all kinds of fresh fruits and ingredients to provide a great and enriched taste for your sweetheart.

Ingredients: rice powder, special low fat powdered milk, unsaturated vegetable oil, sugar, enriched with 18 kinds of vitamins & minerals that is necessary for baby's growth.

This complementary food should be used along with breast milk usually after 6 months. Babies suffering from coeliac disease could easily eat this gluten free product.

Material analysis in 100 gr powder: energy 413 cal, carbohydrates 65.7 gr, protein 16 gr, unsaturated vegetable oil 9.6 gr.

Ingredients: rice powder enriched with 18 kinds of vitamins & minerals that is necessary for baby's growth.

Lactose & gluten free so babies suffering from coeliac, galactosemiaor Phenylketonuria could easily eat this gluten free product.

Would not yeast in the colon.
High water absorbance power (25-35 times its weight) will clean the colon running bacteria out so is a useful food in case of baby's diarrhea and at early stages can compensate for water shortage. It's sugar free and has natural flavor. Nahalin 6 having amino acids, iron, iodine, folic acid and fast absorbance ability can be used after 4 months with doctors' approval.

Helps the growth of neurological system, vision, brain, and preventing from cardiovascular disease in future.

Material analysis in 100 gr powder: energy 423 cal, carbohydrates 64.7 gr, protein 15.5 gr, unsaturated vegetable oil 11.4 gr.

Ingredients: 6 cereals (rice, wheat, barely, barley rye, oatmeal, corn) unsaturated vegetable oil, natural fruit powder enriched with 18 kinds of vitamins & minerals that is necessary for baby's growth. Please consult with your doctor for the best time of using this product.

Material analysis in 100 gr powder: energy 419 cal, carbohydrates 65.7 gr, protein 15.2 gr, unsaturated vegetable oil 10.6 gr.